Strong Anchor Tech

Are you considering a career in software development?
Would you like to use this summer to learn a programming langauge,
build a useful project, and get some industry experience on your resume?
If so, consider applying to Strong Anchor Tech’s Summer 2021 Intern Program.

This is an unpaid internship and no prior programming experience is required,
though you should have general technical aptitude.
You will also need to own a laptop that you’re fine installing GNU/Linux on and be at least 18 years of age.

You’ll work about twenty hours a week and will receive hands-on training with Clojure, React, CouchDB, and git.
You’ll be working directly with me, one of the co-founders of Strong Anchor Tech.
The duration of the internship will be about ten weeks.
Exact start and end dates will be set based on participants’ availability.

You’ll be working on developing an open-source project that will aid in language learning.
Anyone working to learn a second language would benefit from software that would use activities from the Growing Participation Approach to language learning.
The project will need to be able to quickly and easily capture audio and pictures from a smartphone and save them in a database in a way that can be organized in a format similar to flashcards for studying.

If you’re interested in participating, please apply by sending an email to expressing your interest.

Announcing the Strong Anchor Tech Summer 2021 Intern Program